Who are we ?

montage video Thibault Delage


perm_contact_calendar Bo the : 12 of March 1986

mood He likes :
Trips, play Mario Kart, to paddle on the Hossegor lake, share a great bottle of wine with friends, listen to music very loud.

mood_bad he doesn't like :
Spiders, staying on the beach doing nothing, shopping, cars who stays on the left side.

book His favorite quote :
« Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day ». Confucius

True passionate of images and new technologies, Thibault’s life swings when he received his first digital camera in 2006. He films everything and all the time ; for the big pleasure (or not) of his relatives. No matter the occasion, everything is an excuse to film. But magic really happend when he made his first video editing.

At this moment, the penny drops.

Music, rythm, selection of the high points… Everything passionates him in video editing. For him, it is a storytelling, making images speaks, and it allows people to relive their best moments. A job very close to human !

In 2012, he decides to make his passion a reality. He creates his first firm : One Style Production, specialised in the video and photo reportage of events and corporate.

Today, with proven experience, he wants to generalise video editing and become THE reference of the video editing online.

montage video Valentine Delage


perm_contact_calendar Bo the : 27 of January 1986

mood She likes :
Read a great book, evenings putting the world to rights with friends, sing Céline Dion at the end of the evening.

mood_bad She doesn’t like:
Sunday night, insects (especially those who stings and flys), wait in my car when the light is red, admit that I’m wrong (but I am never wrong).

book Her favorite quote :
« Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true. » Martin Luther King

After she obtains a law master’s degree, she works as a jurist for 5 years. Her strenght : her obstinate side, she is organised and meticulous, a bit psychorigid ;)

In parallel, she is a part of the One Style Production’s adventure with her husband. At the beginning, just to help, but quickly, she comes to like it !

She gets a training and realised her first video and photo reportage. What does she like ? Catch life moments, emotions and enhance it with a video editing.

Slowly, the idea of offering a video editing service gained ground…

2017 is the year of change for her : she became a mother and decided to embark on the big adventure of the video editing : En mode REPLAY