The concept

Nowadays, everybody has a way to catch life scenes in their pocket. Cellphone, camera, Gopro… We film whatever we want, whenever we want. 

Yes but… We stock a lot of videos and photos on our cellphones and computers, and we never know what to do with all that.

For a special event, a movie allows you to relive all those moments.

A wedding, a trip, a birthday… or simply all the moments of the everyday life can be shared in an interactive and modern way with family and friends. 

Video for everyone YES but we have to admit, everyone is not SPIELBERG…

Who never lived the painfull experience to watch the totality of Aunt Katie’s holidays ?? Aunt Katie camping, Aunt Katie in Venice, Aunt Katie skiing…

ANYWAY, it is generally long and boring ! 

A video editing allows a video much more fun and rhythmic : Cuts of the failed scenes, reduction of the too long scenes, transiction effects, visual effects, insertion of titles, addition of music…

You will share your memories and watch them with pleasure.

Since all those life moments are important for you, we carry a particular attention to each of our video editing. 

Behind EN MODE REPLAY, no robots or automatic software, but a french team of professional film editors who will be at your disposal to discuss your project.

Our goal : Offer you a quality service in all simplicity. 

Who are we ?