Top 20 best series on Netflix

Publié le : janv. 24, 2020

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We noticed that the population had a major problem: there are so many series on Netflix that we don't even know which one to watch! Panic on board. But it's your lucky day, you will be able to start a nice little series this evening thanks to our great list! And yes, you are not dreaming ! Here are 20 series to watch on Netflix!

Here we go !

1. Breaking Bad. We start strong. Between family, chemistry, drugs, love and illness, this series has international success! And yes, she even won 15 Emmy Awards. Who says better ? We let you discover all of this without saying too much, but we advise you (strongly) to watch it, without moderation! This is Tonton Michel's favorite series in addition ...

2. Stranger Things. Well, we're not going to argue for very long, it's THE series to watch! The universe in which we are immersed is extraordinary, with a return to the 80s which is a pleasure! The music is top, the actors are excellent especially since they are young! The talent guys, the talent ... And the scenario rips! Suspense Suspense…

3. Horseman Bojack. This animation series is simply amazing. We go from laughter to tears with the story of characters all as endearing as each other. Immerse yourself in a Hollywood universe where anthropomorphic animals and humans live together! The little advice, watch at least the first 2 episodes (the first puts it in context).

4. Mindhunter. Okay, so if you are intrigued by criminal stories, murders and mysterious investigations, this series is for you! 1977, the beginning of criminal psychology in the United States. A top series, which retraces real facts in a very interesting way. This series is worth seeing (even 20 times)! So go for it!

5. Sherlock. The legendary Duo Sherlock Holmes / Doctor Watson back in a contemporary adaptation. This police series with investigations of phew (which are all more mysterious than the others) will please you if you like puzzles! And then, let's be honest, Holmes and Watson, they made the class worse.

6. Friends. Classic, funny, awesome. Do we really need to say more? Intergenerational series, with cool and hyper endearing friends! In addition the episodes are quite short, so we can have fun! And the bonus point is awarded to this series just for the mythical credits (we bet you have it in your head mouhahaha).

7. The Crown. A little bit of history doesn't hurt. And the Queen Elizabeth II is so stylish that it deserves a series just for it. This series traces his life from 1947 to the present day, and stuff has happened in his life ... Very well done, this series is worth the detour! In addition, she teaches! The dream.

8. Our planet. It's an ultra-interesting documentary series that highlights animals, the oceans, forests, and planet Earth in general. The images are magnificent, besides we advise you to watch the making of, it's extraordinary! This series also denounces the consequences of human activities on the smooth running of the planet. Questioning guaranteed!

9. Black Mirror. The episodes don't really have a logical continuation. So you can look in the order you want! This series delves into our current world or our world in the future, to see the impact and influences of new technologies on our society. Be careful, if you are sensitive, certain episodes are not for you ...

10. Dark. If you've seen this series, you know it's very difficult to summarize without spoiler. Suddenly, we will leave you in suspense with a few keywords that sum up without saying the best: mystery, family, time. Well, you will understand when you have seen the series, it's difficult to talk about it without saying too much ... In any case, it's great, so GO!

11. Ten percent. Yes, finally a French series! And she slams! An artistic agency in Paris, with capricious celebrities and agents sometimes at the end of their rope! This profession of agent is shown in this series, and great French celebrities play their own role, of course with a good touch of self-mockery! Fun, dynamic, we recommend this little wonder!

12. Peaky Blinders. 1919, Birmingham. Gangsters who practice a lot of not super legal little tricks, like racketeering, contraband tobacco ... You see the kind. So they are badass, they have class, and there is mystery! And no, it's not Scooby Doo ...

13. The Haunting of Hill House. If you don't like having serious balls, you drop right away ... Basically, a little weird family in a barrack much too big and much too haunted. With moving statues and everything. In short, it's freaking out but the scenario is really great and the characters are very endearing!

14. The Casa de Papel. And yes, the series had to be on our list! A well-styled burglary, with good guys and bad guys, but we don't really know who are who. The story is great, you never know what's going to happen! And the characters are super endearing and very mimic (especially Madrid, it reminds us of Tonton Michel).

15. The end of the F *** ing world. A road trip between 2 disturbed teenagers, and quite incongruous adventures! We love. The series is very focused on black humor, but it's also a great adventure! It's a British series and you can feel it squarely in style, if you know what we mean. If you've ever seen Skins, it's kind of the same delirium! But we recommend;)

16. The Walking Dead. What? Did you really think we weren't going to put it on? It's still THE series of zombies. And let's be honest, this little post-apocalyptic atmosphere is downright stylish! A very nice adventure, in any case we recommend! But be careful if you are sensitive, because sometimes it’s not pretty pretty.

17. Homeland. This series is worth it! We don't want to spoil you, so: Basically a soldier that everyone thought dead is coming back, and the boom is a hero. Jump for a little CIA chick a bipolar chouia who thinks this guy is dangerous. Who is telling the truth? You have the topography now, well in real it is much better than this little explanation, but we do not want to reveal too much ...

18. American Horror Story. Well, we're not going to lie to you, it's a little freaking out. But honestly it's great! All Seasons are different, but we generally find the same actors. Suddenly it makes a little red thread. In any case the stories are always very well thought out! We recommend you, and if you are afraid of clowns avoid season 4 (friend advice).

19. How I met your mother. If you've never seen this before, then run quickly to your screens! It's a nugget, it's incredible, it's GIANT. If you like the series of the genre Friends, then you will love it for sure! The story is great, and the characters we don't even talk about! The kind of series where you chain the episodes until 4am.

20. Final Space. Small series of animation, on the adventure of a rather worthless astronaut and his team! It's super touching, the characters are funny. A bit like Bojack Horseman! In any case, it’s not a headache, it’s cool, so if you don’t know what to watch tonight, you can go for it!

There you go, friends, now you have no excuses! You have the choice between 2O series which are all at the top of the top! That way, you have everything at your fingertips, you just have to sit comfortably in your sofa with a big plaid and chocolate and voila!

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So good evening to you, and long life to Netflix;)