Top 10 Perfect Movies for Winter

Publié le : nov. 21, 2019

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The days are shorter and shorter, and it gets colder and colder. And yes it's normal, it's Winter that comes slowly ... And if you're addicted to Binge Watching (watching TV in droves), then here are 10 movies on top for the winter if you have a problem of inspiration!

So your pleas, let's go!

I- The little classic of Winter, the darling, a bit cliche: The Holiday. If you have not seen it, go for it! If you know it by heart, a little sting reminder it does not hurt! We grant you, it's cul-cul the pral ', but from time to time it's good ... (and then Jude Law ...)

II- One changes of style, but how to spend the winter without mater Return to the future. The scenario is crazy, and it's a kid's dream to go back in time. In short, a classic we love to watch warm under his comforter. Not true, Doc?

III- Not so happy but spectacular: Into the Wild. Already for the Soundtrack which is absolutely incredible, the landscapes of phew and the very touching story of this little Chris who goes to Alaska. You are challenged not to shed a small tear.

IV- If I say to you "Planted stick" you think what? And yes, the beautiful, the big, the extraordinary “Les Bronzés font du ski”! No need to argue, everyone knows it's great. Our only advice: to look after a good Savoyard fondue (without dental floss).

V- We go back to the dark side of romanticism with a classic of Winter. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, Bridget Jones's diary! We love our good old Bridg '! With a cast at the top and a story too cool, this film remains a must!

VI- This one has nevertheless received the Oscar for the best film. Yes, he weighs. And it's Forrest Gump! Mythical film, mythical music, mythical casting. In short, you have understood, this is THE movie you will watch tonight! Yes, yes we do not give you too much choice;) 

VII- And now a return to childhood rather cool with: The Goonies! This is the kind of movie we do not watch often, but when we look at it it's always a pleasure! And it's timeless! 

VIII- Attention! Do not look if you have the slab: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The sets are at the top of the top, the actors tear ... But the plus of this film is the songs of Oompa Loompa! They should really release an album. But in any case, it's an ideal movie for a long winter night, with plenty of chocolates at your fingertips! 

IX- Looking for emotion, rhythm and a good classic? Billy Elliotis THE movie for you! This film is good, and optimism is super important nowadays! So hop, we land in the sofa and we launch! You will not regret it ;) 

X- And finally, the last film we advise you for your winter evenings: The Truman Show. This film is a nugget of cinema, to watch without moderation! And if you've never seen it's even better! So go for it!

And now, you will not spend more than 3 hours looking for a movie! You have it for 10 nights! And we really concocted a small list of phew! All you need is a big fluffy canap, a hot chocolate and a plaid in your hand! With that, you will inevitably have a good evening! 

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Ciao the little cinephiles!