A little attention for Grand Father's Day

Publié le : sept. 29, 2020

Categories: News , Family

It's coming! October 6th is Grandfathers Day! Our beloved grandpa’, we love so much! And since we love them so much and they're on top, they deserve a little attention for Grandfather Day, right?

Grandpa’ are too cool. They teach us to tinker, fish, they tell us stories, they spoil us a lot ... And for once, it's up to us to spoil them! But what a gift to offer to his super grandpa?

Wine? Chocolate? Last Britney Spears CD? It's always difficult to choose ...

If you are really in trouble or lack of inspiration, we have a small idea for you! Why not a video editing?

So why not contact your cousins, brothers and sisters for a video editing at the top that will make your grandfather smile a lot!

For example, everyone can film themselves by leaving a message, then with these videos, there is more than a montage! Emotion guaranteed! We can also add to the editing some photos of you children, just to remember the good memories!

It's true, when you think about it, we do not see our granddads every day. So if he had a small video of his little children at hand, it would be the best ! 

See it as a little letter or a postcard, but more dynamic and more modern with memories, emotion, and familiar faces (cuckoo Tonton Michel). 

With that, you're sure to please him ! 

And if you do not master the video editing, the En Mode Replay team would be happy to give you a hand ! You send your videos and photos to our website, and we do the rest! In addition, video editing are delivered by email in 72 hours !

And if you do not have a huge budget, do not panic ! Our montages are from 49 euros and if you share with your brothers, sisters and cousins, it's super advantageous! 

Everything happens online on our website : www.enmodereplay.com

It's your turn to play for your super grandpa!