Your child’s first school year

Publié le : août 26, 2020

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Next week is the first day of school. For some, it’s high school, or even college, but for others, it’s the first year : the small section ! And for moms, it’s always a little hard to watch your baby grow up and take its first steps in school !

Young mothers! Get out the tissues... You’re going to need them !

When you’re a mom, you don’t see your baby growing up! That’s a fact ! So it’s not so easy to see your little cabbage head walk into the big boys' yard !

When I was little, my parents took my brother and I in pictures every year in the same place (on the terrace of the garden)! That was the tradition. With more or less success : We fight over most of the photos or we look really stuck in our very new clothes (Claudine collar and bermuda, cut to the bowl of rigour, thanks the 90s).

So ok, style is a bit of a shame, but what a joy to see these clichés years later… These memories are so precious… Because you will see, between the first school year and the college registration, you will not see the time passed !

Today, things have changed a bit ! No need to take the big camcorder out of the attic ! A smartphone is enough to capture this day !

A little tip: we ask the children to give their impressions and we do not forget to film mom who will probably be at the bottom of the bucket (my baby is no longer a baby and I will have to leave it alone in school!!)

Years later, these memories will have no price!

And to surprise your grown-up babies, what could be better than a video editing of all their school returns ?

A video that shows its evolution from the small section to the entrance to the college… Emotion and laughter guaranteed !

To do this, nothing could be simpler : you send your videos and photos to our website and we make your editing. Service available from 49€, video delivered from 72h.

You can share these memories with your loved ones !

And then it’s just the beginning! Your child still has so much to live for…

Keep calm and take videos ! ;)