6 tips to make the video editing of your holiday perfect

Publié le : août 5, 2020

Categories: Holidays , Tips and advice

This is the holiday season! For the lucky little ones who travel, enjoy it! It is well known: all good things have an end. But who said we can’t relive the good stuff ?

And yes! With a video editing, you can keep a memory of your holidays and relive those moments as many times as you want! The best !

But to have a video editing that really rocks, here are 6 tips to improve your videos:

1. Film human scenes. That is? Well, your friends, your family, shows that may be on the streets or on the beach… In short, all kinds of sequences we see people. It gives dynamism to video editing and it gives a smile! And holidays are also synonymous with encounters, and we have to keep track of these people !

2. Okay, we need people, but also film the landscapes! This is important, it will make you beautiful plans and will immortalize the place of your holidays ! A beach, a forest, mountains, a lake, aunt Katie’s garden… anything you want !

3. Try to stabilize your smartphone or camera as much as possible! So we know, filming and going off laughing because of Uncle Mitch had a big fall on the beach, it does not give a very straight image… But you can use a stabilizer or just put down your camera/go pro/smartphone when you film! The final rendering will be much better than if the video is a little shaky! ;)

4. The Chef’s Trick : Vary the shots! Basically, film from left to right, then from right to left; from top to bottom and from bottom to top… In short, use different angles and shots. In a video montage, it makes great! It’s more dynamic and original !

5. Write down the names of the places you are going! Why? To add titling! Imagine you’re going to South America, editing video, and watching it seven years later with friends. If one of them says to you, "Oh, it’s so beautiful here, it was where? And you don’t know anymore, it sucks. With titling, you are sure to remember it! For example, lunch in Buenos Aires, hiking at the Machu Picchu, picnic in the Creuse…

6. Finally, think well of the light! If you are going on a holiday in the sun, avoid sequences in backlight or too bright. We need a middle ground! We must not underestimate the lighting!

There you go, now you just have to make the most of your vacation! Use sunscreen is important (Uncle Mitch repeats it so much, we pass the message he will be happy).