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Your cellphone or your computer is full ? You are fed up with stocking videos and photos that you never look at ? This service was made for you ! We make a movie editing in the form of a zapping, with your best moments : selfies, sports achievements, family moments, food pictures, dream holidays, crazy week-ends… The best of compilation of yout year in a fun and flowing video..


montage video

Choose the duration


faire un montage video

Upload your files
and detail your project


faire un montage video

Receive your movie

I choose the duration of my movie


Your service includes

  • check selection of your best scenes
  • check insertion of titles
  • check addition of tax-free music(s) selected by our professional editors
  • check Addition of transitions and/or visual effects (slow motion, fast motion, stabilisation, zoom...)/li>
  • check Reframing of the images to the « cinema » size (1920 x 815)
  • check modification of the colorimetry (colors,exposure…)
  • check correction of the audio (if necessary)

Delivery of your movie : 3 to 7 working days, by e-mail

A question ?

Do not hesitate to contact us !

06 87 76 16 32

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